Top Five outstanding moments from The Dark Knight Trilogy

Christopher Nolan is one of my favourite film directors of all time, alongside James Cameron and Steven Spielberg of course; his resume speaks for itself. It’s been almost 15 years since the release of a certain Batman film and I can vividly remember how enthralling and unique that movie was when I saw it. It […]

Protected: LITTLE WOMEN (2019) – Trailer Reaction

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Booksmart’s Beanie Feldstein will play Monica Lewinski in new A.C.S season

According to Empire, Beanie Feldstein of the ‘Lady Bird‘ and ‘Booksmart‘ fame is in pole position to play Monica Lewinski in Ryan Murphy‘s new addition to the American Crime Drama anthology. The 3rd season will see the infamous scandal involving Former U.S President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski brought to the limelight once again in […]

All you need to know going into Todd Philips’ ‘Joker’ movie

Gotham’s ‘Clown Prince of Crime’, The Ace of Knaves, Mistah J, The ‘yin’ to Batman’s ‘yang’; there are a bunch of ways you can use to refer to this antagonist but the standard name of course is, The Joker. So often we have seen him terrorize Gotham and it’s residents in t.v series and in […]


  So it’s 2018 and I’m having a party at home. My friend, Mike, comes over from out of town and my cousin and her  friend spot him. They whisper to each other, giggle silently, and when Mike walks in, they both say a polite hi. In strolls my sister and, without reservation, bursts out […]

F.B.I – What we should expect of Season 2

Crime dramas are my thing; I mentioned it in an earlier post and I’ll mention it again. I just can’t get enough of them, the good ones at least. I tend to think I have relatively good taste when it comes to the genre. I mean, who doesn’t like Hawaii Five-0, 24, the C.S.I series […]