F.B.I – What we should expect of Season 2

Crime dramas are my thing; I mentioned it in an earlier post and I’ll mention it again. I just can’t get enough of them, the good ones at least. I tend to think I have relatively good taste when it comes to the genre. I mean, who doesn’t like Hawaii Five-0, 24, the C.S.I series […]

What the Jurassic World movies got wrong about the Mosasaurus

If you ask a bunch of ‘Jurassic World’ fans what they really love about the franchise, a good number will say that they enjoy seeing the pre-historic creatures being brought to life on screen; some may even go deeper and say they just love the Mosasaurus. Arguably one of of the largest sea creatures to […]

4 Unforgettable music moments from Teen Drama series

Aside from crime dramas, there’s only one other genre in the T.V space that I have been invested in for a very long time; teen dramas. Growing up, I watched just as much T.V as I did movies and most of the local T.V stations in Kenya, the good ones at least, used to air […]

Pattinson wins ‘Race to Wayne Manor’; but only just

Well, I think we can now put all the ‘Robert Battinson’ speculation to bed because it has been confirmed by Warner Bros. that British actor Robert Pattinson will indeed be playing the caped crusader in the next Batman film. The latter will be directed by Matt Reeves, famed for movies such as Cloverfield, Let Me […]