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In a recent tweet by Zack Snyder, the director reveals that his original vision for the D.C.E.U would have been much better than the Flashpoint story-line should it have run it’s course.


Snyder stepped down from the his directorial work on 2017’s Justice League to tend to an urgent tragedy that had befallen his family. That said, some reports that have been published over the past year or so have suggested that there might have been superior forces from Warner Bros. that prompted him to leave way before he announced it.

According to former entertainment reporter Josh Dickey in an article published on Polygon on February 13th of 2018, he claims that Snyder did not leave the Justice League project voluntarily but was fired from it allegedly because Snyder’s rough-cut of the movie was ‘unwatchable’. It is a claim that was backed by Collider in a report which suggested that Snyder was fired by Warner Bros. in the period between January and February of 2017; months before the director announced he was stepping away from the project to deal with his family misfortune.


It is widely believed that studio interference played a key role in the eventual downfall of the Justice League film once Snyder departed and Joss Whedon took over and it is no surprise why. From the obvious reshoots to the movie’s shortened runtime among others, it’s safe to say the film did not resonate with many fans of the franchise. It is an issue which later on prompted select fans to demand the Justice League Snyder cut from Warner Bros. which they believe is a much better version of the film. More than a year now since the film’s release, it remains a demand yet to be answered yet alone implemented.

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Up until his departure, Zack Snyder was the outright shepherd of the D.C.E.U and even though he will continue to be part of the franchise as a producer, his failed vision for the latter still remains a strong talking point amongst his flock of fans; one which wilted for a while but is now poised to rise again thanks to his recent comment on Twitter.


Flashpoint is one of the most iconic storylines in the history of comic books and thus Snyder claiming that his planned films would have been better is a topic that might have implications on the reception of future movies in the franchise. Given that a sizable fan base of the D.C.E.U are enthusiasts of Zack Snyder’s work, will they use his recent comment as an excuse not to care about the forthcoming films now more than ever, most of which he won’t be a part of or will they finally move on and focus on the now relatively rejuvenated D.C Extended Universe?

Well, when you flip the coin, there are sizable number of fans of the franchise who do not like Zack Snyder, who don’t really care what his opinions are and are eagerly looking forward to the upcoming films now more than ever. Time will tell which side will stand triumphant or rather whether there will even be sides to the story when all is said and done

-Thomas Kitinya


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