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Avengers; Infinity War is a movie that offered its viewers a lot of excitement in spectacle, comedy and character engagements but one that also packed up the punch in terms of sheer emotion with its conclusion; the Mad Titan Thanos eliminating half of all life in the universe with a single snap.


Additionally, the film had numerous faults that made us question certain aspects of storytelling, continuity among others in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Most of them have been identified and documented on various online platforms already i.e Why didn’t Thor prioritize protecting Vision when he arrived on earth than fighting the Outriders? Why did the clip where Thanos killed half of the Zen-Whoberis suggest that only half of Gamora’s people were killed yet in Guardians of the Galaxy; Vol. 1, it is clearly stated that she is the last of her kind? I have gone through a bunch of them, most of which have been repetitive nonetheless, there is one that came to mind that so far, I haven’t seen mentioned yet; maybe it has, maybe it hasn’t, enlighten me if you can.

In the last shots of the movie, we see our beloved heroes fade into dust as Thanos’s plan takes effect. It was quite a surprising and emotional moment that rocked fans to the core especially those who saw it in theatres. That said, on my recent viewing of the movie, I noticed an inaccuracy in the appearance of the deaths that I think the comic book version is at fault of as well.


When Thanos snaps his fingers in the Infinity Gauntlet comics, beings all over the galaxy start disappearing left, front and center. There is no dust or anything of the sort, people just vanish; along with the inanimate objects on them i.e their clothes and even weapons like Hawk-Eye in instance 1 and instance 2. Infinity War was a bit clever on the latter aspect because in Bucky’s case, he doesn’t turn to dust along with his gun but at the same time his vibranium arm turns to dust along with his suit. The same goes for almost every single Avenger who dies after Bucky, some of whom have weaponry on them e.g Falcon and Drax.

Image courtesy of SyFy

I don’t know about you but don’t you think it would have made a bit more sense if the Avengers got dusted in a manner similar to Voldemort in this scene in Harry Potter 7? The wizard’s body turns to dust and it seems like his robe is turning to dust as well but as the camera dollies away from him you can see that his robe is still intact, if you are keen enough.


If the deaths happened this way in Infinity war, perhaps the scenes would have been more heartfelt; the surviving heroes picking the remnants and holding onto them in utter shock. What’s more, the suits and weaponry go on to become sort of a physical reminder of the decimation and a motivation for them to reverse the effects of the snap later on.

Anyway, do you think my thoughts on the final events of Infinity War are valid or do you think I am just nitpicking and being irrelevant? Either way, I would like to know your opinions, drop some in the comment section below. Cheers!

-Thomas Kitinya.


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