This week, my focus is going to be on a certain 2011 movie directed by Matthew Vaughn called X-Men; First Class.

This motion-picture is set in the 1960’s and pretty much tells the origin story of the famous Marvel mutant team in the X-Men. It also puts considerable emphasis on the genesis, progression and eventual fallout in the relationship between Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lensherr (Magneto), while also highlighting their plight in stopping an evil foe in Sebastian Shaw from making the Cold War more than it was meant to be.


For a substantial part of the movie, Charles had been trying to teach Erik how to best hone his extra-ordinary abilities but it just wasn’t working out comprehensively. Nonetheless, an opportunity comes calling for Erik to show his true potential when his services are needed the most. All he had to do was use his powers to lift a Shaw’s submerged submarine well over the surface of the water towards the shores. On paper, this would be an easy task for the mutant considering his older self lifted a baseball stadium as well as the Golden Gate bridge nevertheless, the Erik in this film had not yet reached those heights yet. He needed a push from his trusted friend to achieve his goal; he needed to emotionally tap into the point between rage and serenity as Charles Xavier put it. Here’s the clip.

(This clip is courtesy of 20th Century Fox’s 2011 film, X-Men; First Class)


I loved the above scene a lot and I think it had some symbolic lesson to it. That however much we doubt our true potential in life, we always have the ability to rise up to the occasion and do what we never thought we could. All we need is a push; either from ourselves or our close friends and relatives. Cheers.

-Thomas Kitinya.



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