Avengers Endgame; Why Thor has been portrayed as an isolated figure thus far

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Since his maiden appearance in 2011, Thor has played an instrumental role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe using his various celestial abilities to swing the fate of crucial battles in the Avengers‘ favour.


That said, given how the events unfolded in last year’s Avengers; Infinity War with the character failing to stop Thanos from wiping out half of life in the universe, what next for him? What psychological and emotional state will he primarily be in in Avengers; Endgame? Has his failure affected his relationship with the remaining Avengers? Well, in this piece, I plan on laying down a few possible reasons that might prove why Thor has been portrayed as an isolated figure thus far in the promotional material.



Throughout Avengers; Infinity War, Thor has a thirst for vengeance given what Thanos did to half of his people on the Asguardian refugee ship. It’s an event that also saw him lose his best friend in Heimdallwho paid the ultimate sacrifice in order to alert the Avengers on earth of the Mad Titan’s coming and his brother Loki as well, quite painfully I should add.


In the closing stages of the film, he gets a golden opportunity to kill Thanos in Wakanda but he lets his desire to savour the vengeful moment blind him from the important task at hand which was retrieving the Infinity gauntlet. Eventually, half the universe is snapped out of existence on his watch.

Even for a celestial being like him who has gone through a lot of defeats in his 1000 plus years of existence, this particular one was bigger than most given it’s magnitude hence his immense guilt will probably make him detach himself from the rest of the Avengers; a self-imposed exile if you will. The Endgame trailer and the recent T.V Spot have hinted at this because we barely see him interact with anyone.



Seeing that the planet where he and his people planned to seek refuge in is now basically a dystopia, Thor probably won’t be staying around too long to watch the aftermath of a sitiuation he could have prevented hence he will look for a new purpose to distract him. Perhaps he will embark on a frantic search on his own for the remainder of the remaining Asgardians that escaped Thanos’ wrath aboard the the refugee spaceship; in the hope that a sizeable number of them survived the snap.


Though it might seem far-fetched, there is a possibility that one of the Avengers in Wakanda witnessed the manner in which Thor failed to stop Thanos from completing his genocidal mission and called him out infront of the others. Additionally, maybe most or all of the Avengers in Wakanda blame him for not coming to Vision’s aid before the Mad Titan got to him. Who knows?


The weight of losing a battle as serious as this one might have a way of unleashing the bitter and resentful side of the heroes and thus they might resort to casting him away. Again, this is quite a far-fetched scenario nonetheless, in the promotional material we have received so far for Avengers; Endgame, Thor doesn’t seem like he has a anyone in his corner. Whether or not this will be the case when the movie drops in April is still up in the air.

Thomas Kitinya.

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  1. I like to think he still has the magic rabbit in his corner 😉 Good speculation lots to think about! I do think the remaining Avengers are all going to be blaming themselves (Steve’s insistence on putting Visions life over everyones, etc.) so won’t really blame him but it’s so much fun to think on!

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