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Glass is a 2019 American superhero thriller movie written and directed by M.Night Shyamalan. A sequal to 2000’s Unbreakable and 2016’s Split, the story pivots on the plight of 3 gifted men in David Dunn (Bruce Willis), Mr. Glass (Samual L. Jackson) and ‘The Horde’ (James McAvoy) in escaping a mental institution that is out to debunk their superhero abilities.

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Acting & Character performances.

Bruce Willis’ character in this is admittedly not as investing in this as he was in Unbreakable; perhaps  it’s because there are two other characters who he is sharing the spotlight with whose arcs have been as instrumental in the previous films leading up to this latest one. David Dunn has progressed in life, using his abilities not only through his vigilante-styled ways but also he has made a business out of it; a security firm business to be precise.


It’s safe to say that I was quite disappointed in how weak his character was in this as compared to his first appearance. Nonetheless, I was pleased by the fact that the character is still sticking to his guns throughout the film as far as not being brainwashed by Mr. Glass’ twisted ideologies and theories concerning superheroes. This, for me, gave Dunn a bit more depth.

Moving on to Mr. Glass a.k.a Elijah price, I’d say Samuel L. Jackson did not miss a beat as far as fleshing out what his character is all about  and how he uses his intellect to his advantage. Just like Unbreakable, he is just as manipulative and witty if not more considering he has a much bigger and more mouthwatering mission in this. David Dunn is old news to him as he has now set his eyes on unleashing the full potential of ‘The Horde’ the best way he knows how.


If you are a real fan of Sam Jackson, then you know how good he is in selling a character and this film is no exception. Whether it’s through the dialogue or his actions, the veteran actor aces it like a pro.

By far the standout performance in this movie was James McAvoy’s as he reprises his role as ‘The Horde’. Playing a character with multiple personalities is no walk in the park considering how distinct each one of them is  but the English actor made it seem a lot easier than it probably wasn’t. Was his performance here much better than in Split? Certainly not but it’s quite noteworthy to say the least.

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The Plot, Merits and Demerits.

Throughout his 3 films, M. Night Shyamalan has reinvented the superhero genre in his own way presenting some interesting story-lines and plot twists that will surely leave the ordinary audience member glued to the screen in bemusement and surprise.


Seeing that this was the culmination of the whole series, I obviously had certain expectations of it; a number of which were not realised. I wasn’t into the slow pacing on here; it’s not something I can slip under the rug this time as I did with Unbreakable. There were some moments in the movie that either dragged on for too long or just weren’t as interesting to a point where I was tempted to dose off.

Additionally, the film wasn’t as suspenseful as I hoped it was going to be; though there are some few things that are said or happen that took me by surprise.

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Negatives aside, Glass is pretty much a decent and average motion-picture which I was substantially disappointed in. As I pointed out, I had really high expectations coming into it but it failed to deliver the punch and vigour that I needed of it.


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      1. Tatterhood

        I definitely expected more wide spread chaos, all the action felt very contained. Some part of me thought there would be another train crash and it would conclude pretty much as it started.


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