Jurassic World; Fallen Kingdom is a 2018 American science-fiction adventure movie and is a sequel to 2015’s Jurassic World. Directed by J.A Bayona, it centers on Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce-Dallas Howard) who alongside some liaisons, take it upon themselves to save several dinosaur species in the island of Isla Nublar from a cataclysmic volcanic eruption that rocks it.


Main Character Performances.
(i) Owen.
In as much as Chris Pratt gave it his all in his reprised role, I found Owen relatively uninspiring nonetheless. He’s one of those “I had to be there’ characters who the movie heavily relies on in specific instances for plot development. The latter wasn’t the case in the first Jurassic World movie; his presence was felt amongst audience members all through because he was pretty much the best hope that the innocent civilians at Isla Nublar had against the vicious Indominus Rex; he knew how dinosaurs operate and their mannerisms more than anyone in the island.


However, in this 2018 sequel, the reverse is true. Except for some few scenes, particularly the ones that took place in the doomed island, there was little to Chris Pratt’s character that you could say helped in considerably solving the main conflict. In fact he does something in the film that sets in motion a dangerous situation in the 3rd Act. Owen’s comedic demeanour might have been a slight ‘saving grace’ facet to him but overall, I wasn’t as impressed as I should have been.


(ii) Claire.
The upside to Bryce-Dallas Howard’s character in this franchise is the fact that she does not posses the ‘damsel in distress’ persona that any educated movie-goer would go into any of these movies expecting. She does pull her weight around, and this sequel more than the first one, does a good job at displaying that aspect. Claire has a soft spot for these dinosaurs and thus she is willing to put her life on the line to save them at whatever cost possible. Deep down in her psyche, she believes that the ongoing natural catastrophe should not spell the demise of these creatures because they are as much deserving of protection as any endangered species of animals in the world are.


(iii) Auxiliary characters.
Eli Millis (Rafe Spall) alongside Gunnar Eversol (Toby Jones) are the main antagonists of the story. They see this imminent extinction event at Isla Nublar as a profound opportunity to sell off these remarkable creatures of various species in a secret auction which they will heavily benefit from. Their villainy, unfortunately was not compelling enough for me to make believe that they had a strong hand to play in enhancing the film’s tension. We also have Franklin (Justice Smith); he is a hacker and systems analyst who formerly worked at the Jurassic World theme park.


He is basically in the movie for the science stuff if you know what I mean; nothing to elicit any interest from you in the grand scheme of things. The same goes for Dr. Zia Rodriguez (Daniella Pineda), she does serve her purpose in the film as a paleo-veterinarian, I won’t mention what it was in particular but it was in many ways her shining moment. Actor extraordinaire Jeff Goldblum is back in the Jurassic franchise after more than twenty years. Don’t get your hopes up though, his character Ian Malcolm features in very few scenes.


The Theme, Boons and Banes.
Well, this movie had potential, I’ll give it that; did it deliver on that potential? No. The story of this Jurassic World sequel is very much reminiscent to Titanic’s maiden voyage; beautiful, majestic and filled with a lot of promise in the onset but somewhere along its course, it sinks and along with it, the innocent people who did not deserve to be part of its fate. From a film-making standpoint, it’s sabotage of the highest degree and the writers of this film are the most to blame for it.


That Isla Nublar sequence in the 1st Act was great; I loved the tension that the main characters faced principally Owen Grady who found himself in a hair-raising predicament. The action sequences and visual effects were equally awesome with all the explosions and stuff. The film had a good thing going on for it at that point and thus I was interested in knowing what was in store. Nevertheless, it just decides to take a steep plummet from then on with a story arc that plunges the 2nd Act and a considerable portion of the 3rd Act into an abyss filled with uneventful dialogue, stunted character development, instances of below par comedy and lackluster villains who are not as intimidating as they ought to have been.


This motion-picture had a lot of budding to pick up on the success that was its predecessor but it failed. That said, I can’t be oblivious to the fact that there are some elements to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom that I found favour in. First off, was the island sequence which was fantastic and additionally, there were emotional moments and few and far between jump-scares which really startled me in the theatre; a factor which did not help my cause because there was a lass sitting next to me who somehow wasn’t.



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  1. Great and thoughtful review – thank you. Just one comment – I’ve always believed that the humans in these movies are secondary – comic relief and character foils – the real actors and stars are the dinosaurs. 😀



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  2. The very first Jurassic Park is still my absolute favorite. I just watched it again last week. The special effects were excellent, especially for its time, and the acting was superb. I still think it’s the best one. 😊

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      1. I felt that way about the last one, so I’m not enthused about seeing this latest instalment. Your words just confirmed my decision not to go see it. Thanks for saving me $25. I’ll wait to view it at home.

        And do you know what the best part is? I learned a new word! Shambolic. 😌
        Thanks for that too. 😊

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  3. Apologies as I was sating before my fingers became gremlins, we keep watching it even though Owen is 17. Just saw Jurassic World, Fallen Kingdom in 3d, biggest screen here in SA, reclining seats. Cost a small fortune but SO worth it. It made part of the crown birthday package!

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