Overboard is a 2018 American romantic comedy film directed by Rob Greenberg; best known for ‘Spellbound’ as well as the popular sitcom ‘How I Met Your Mother’. It is a remake of a late 80’s film bearing the same name and centers on Kate (Anna Faris), a single mother with three children who convinces the son of a rich tycoon in Leo (Eugenio Derbez), who so happens to get amnesia as a result of an accident, that they are a couple who live together in a suburban home.


To begin with, I just want to express the sincere shock and utter disbelief I felt when the news of Anna Faris and Chris Pratt’s separation broke out; they seemed like the perfect couple based on the comedic connection they have which is evident considering the types of movies they have been involved in over the years, more so Anna. The reason I brought this up is that I just made an appalling discovery; apparently the seeds of her separation from her now former husband happened right around the time she was shooting Overboard. All things considered, this particular factor can take a heavy toll on any actor who befalls it but all in all, credit must be given to Faris for going through with the film and having watched it, I am impressed by her performance.


This photoplay, in all fairness, delivers what it’s supposed to and I solely attribute that to the exceptional acting of the leads. Take Eugenio Derbez for instance, I’d be lying if I told you I had watched any of his works coming into this film but his performance here has made me want to scour the internet for more of the latter. I loved the manner in which his character conducted himself upon losing his memory; there are lots of things he is being told about himself which he can barely recollect, all of which seemed pretty convincing and thus Eugenio’s acting in this distinct scenarios in the movie was commendable.

Anna Faris, as usual, does not disappoint especially when she is taking on a character who has to exhibit comedic qualities; I wouldn’t go as far as putting her performance here in the same league as her work in the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise or even House Bunny, to some degree, but she kills it all the same in this 2018 romantic comedy. Kate is an outright vengeful woman, it’s very obvious considering what she puts Leonardo through upon taking him. In my perspective though, I understood the method to her madness and I am quite sure anyone who sees this movie, whether from a critical point of view or not, will feel the same way too.

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With regards to the boons of this motion-picture, I can give it a resounding round of applause for showering me with fairly laughable comedic moments. When I look back at the movies of the comedy genre that I have reviewed in the recent past, I can barely pick any that I got a good giggle yet alone a prolonged authentic laugh from me but this movie broke that streak.


An attestation of this, without giving out too much, is a scene whereby Kate’s youngest daughter asks her mother what a pervert is after her older sister mentioned it in an ongoing argument and whether she could have one; that was hilarious and I loved it. Additionally, the grace to grass story arc that Eugenio’s character goes through is one I connected with a lot; there is a stark contrast when you compare his life pre-amnesia and post-amnesia and everything he goes through during his transition is sure to rivet you in ways many.

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On the other side of the coin, there are a number of things that I found relative bother in. First up is an issue that I can’t blame the movie for but the source I saw it from. There are a good number of scenes that included Latino conversations with no sub-titles that could have aided me in finding more understanding to the happenings; the film might as well have muted itself as these scenes were in progress.


Secondly, and pardon my bluntness on it, the movie does take you for a fool by making you believe that someone can wash up on shore alive after accidentally falling off a water vessel that was clearly in deep sea; I’d appreciate your sentiments on the matter in the comment section below because I believe that there is no way that someone, irrespective of his or her finesse in swimming can survive that but hey, I could be wrong.

That said, one thing I can’t be wrong about is the doctor handling Leonardo after his accident. Bland is the best way I can describe his mannerisms when she lets Anna Faris’s character claim Leo as her husband without doing a convincing background check; I mean, she does hand out some ‘documents’ and reveal one intricate thing about the amnesiac but that wasn’t enough, at least not for me.

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In as much as the roles have been reversed in comparison to the original 1987 flick starring Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn, I can indeed affirm to you that you will enjoy yourself while watching Overboard in spite of its faults. It should be known that I am sitting on the fence on this one because there is a lot of potential that it could have otherwise explored. The writing isn’t particularly praise-worthy but I can give it a thumbs up, the acting with the exception of some few cringe-worthy cases was admirable and finally, Rob Greenberg’s directing wasn’t so bad though I look forward to seeing more of him in the cinematic space going forward.




  1. I really enjoyed the Kurt-Goldie oldie and was averse to this initailly, but I do love Anna Faris (who sadly does not know of my existence) so based on her, and your write-up, I’ll give it a go. Gracias, Mark

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