Avengers; Infinity War is a 2018 American superhero film based on characters from Marvel Comics and is the 19th film in the illustrious Marvel Cinematic Universe. Directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, it is a sequel to 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and sees Earth’s mightiest heroes take on Thanos (Josh Brolin). He is an alien entity born in Saturn’s moon, Titan and an intergalactic force of evil; hell-bent on causing chaos and destruction in order to achieve his goal of collecting six universal singularities called infinity stones to aid him in his mission of balancing the universe.


Right off the bat, I just want to let you know, however delusional it might sound, that the Thomas that came into the theatre to watch this movie and the Thomas that exited the theatre having seen the movie are two different entities; that’s how good this movie was. I knew beforehand it was going to be a cinematic masterpiece not just because of the cast, whose performances I will touch on in a little while, but also the directors in Joe and Anthony Russo. These are two siblings that gave us the political thriller that was Captain America; The Winter Soldier which I loved, then they went on to direct yet another Captain America movie spectacle in ‘Civil War’ which I adored and even considered the best superhero movie of all time. That said, I’d like to retract my compliment on Civil War; it was a great movie but at the moment, the tables have turned and this new Avengers installment is the dethroner; hands down.

Every single actor and actress in this film was stellar and quite frankly the acting performances surpassed my expectations. There are so many I could mention but the ones that hit home had more screen-time than the rest which in turn translated to my best depictions of the revered Marvel characters they represent i.e Hemsworth’s Thor and Brolin’s Thanos. Speaking of characters, humour in many ways is as much of the latter as anyone in this film; it has such a huge presence and no one does it best than the likes of the following. Star-Lord (Chris Pratt), alongside Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Drax (Dave Bautista) and Rocket (Bradley Cooper) light up the 1st Act of this photoplay with well-executed comedy. A testament of this is when Peter Quill tries to imitate Thor’s voice and Rocket is having none of it; he makes fun of the situation the best way he knows how and the confrontation between the Asgardian and the Guardian (see what I did there) is just the cherry on top. The latter scene in particular aboard the Milano Starship speaks volumes about Thor’s character considering what happens to him before; unfortunately, I won’t go into details on it because I’ll be getting into spoiler territory. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jnr), Tom Holland (Spider-Man) and Doctor Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch) have their comedic moments as well but the ones that went down in space were my best. Steve Rodgers is Steve Rodgers in this movie; played so exceptionally by Chris Evans over the past 7 years, the character is as serious here as he has ever been and understandably so given the stakes in play. T’Challa a.k.a Black Panther, who is arguably Captain America but with a trillion dollar bank account, plays an integral role in the imminent war that takes place in Wakanda. He is brave, has astonishing leadership skills and he deals well with the fact that his vision to open up Wakanda to the world is now coming to fruition but with dire consequences as is rightly pointed out by his Dora-Milaje sidekick in Okoye (Danai Gurira).


As disciples of the Marvel Cinematic Universe ever since its inception in May of 2008 with the first Iron-Man movie, we have had the pleasure of seeing Tony Stark and his super-team go through different phases that have given their characters more depth and made them more compelling. Leading up to the first Avengers movie, the founding members in Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk and Thor already had their own stand-alone movies where they had gone toe to toe with very formidable foes which took a heavy toll on them both physically and emotionally and thus them teaming up, with a little push from the ‘death’ of a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, to defeat the Chitauri in New York made sense. They were the best defense that Earth got at the time and they still were 3 years later when Ultron came into the fray with that potential mass extinction event that took place in Sokovia. Nonetheless, the comradery between the superheroes was tested in Civil War. Divided into two factions, they locked horns and as a result, there emerged a wide rift between them especially with Cap. And Tony which carries on to this movie. This distinct aspect according to Kevin Feige, the President of Marvel Studios, was integral in the plot of Infinity War because having the Avengers fight Thanos with the partition still very fresh in their minds would make the film have more weight and for sure, it does.


While on the subject of villainy, let’s just take a moment to acknowledge the true embodiment of evil that is Thanos. This motion-picture is quite evidently being told through his lens and in many ways, he views himself as the messiah that the universe needs so badly who is willing to plunge his hands into the filth so that everyone else can keep theirs clean; a notable quote I took out from Gary Oldman’s Jim Gordon in Dark Knight Rises. Right from the onset, you get to see why he was dubbed the Mad Titan in the first place; he has a fetish for death, as unconventional as it is and hence there is a method to his madness, pun intended. I don’t know about you, but I have been longing to see this antagonist get out of his chair that he so loves sitting on and get into action; wreck some havoc and give the Avengers a run for their money. Well, the wait proved worthwhile in many many ways but at the same time, he did one particular thing that I wasn’t pleased with. Again, I won’t mention it; it’s a spoiler but some food for thought as well. Furthermore, I was a bit concerned about the CGI aspect of this character coming into this movie, well portrayed by Josh Brolin by the way, but all in all, I left the theatre very impressed. The same applies to the children of Thanos, “The Black Order” or rather “Cull Obsdian”, depending on whether or not you agree with the movie going for the latter title. Aside from their exceptional visual appearance of the troop, I loved how they sold that allegiance aspect that they have to the purple guy; willing to go the extra length to serve his cause. Ebony Maw, specifically, does this not only through his actions but also his words as is vividly shown in the 1st Act of the film. Nonetheless, the others in Proxima Midnight, Black Dwarf and Corvus Glaive who are more hands-on in battle than their mystical counterpart do contribute a great deal to the conflict.


In spite of the praise that I am giving this movie, it is not without blemish. Upon seeing it, I felt like was robbed of the opportunity to see more of the characters I have loved over the years in the M.C.U. I am well aware that this film is about the Mad Titan, it might as well be called “Avengers; The Mad Titan” kind of like “Captain America; The Winter Soldier” for all I care. That said, I think the film should have found a balance in the allocation of screen-time because sincerely speaking, I strongly felt like The Winter Soldier, The Hulk, and Captain America to some extent had just as much of a cameo as Stan Lee, who so happens to be a bus driver in this. That’s how I see it, maybe you have a different opinion on it and I would like to get your take in the comment section below. Lastly, if you don’t already know it, I am not a fan of product placements in movies; I see it as a lousy way of advertising products or franchises and thus, judging by this statement, your guess on how I reacted to that Starbucks mini-commercial is as good as mine.


To conclude, I’d say that words are not enough to describe the awesomeness that is Avengers; Infinity War; it truly is the culmination of everything we have been loyally keeping up with for the past ten years. Additionally, it’s paramount we acknowledge the great villains that have graced this franchise right from the start. We’ve had the power-hungry Obadiah Stane, the mutant monstrosity that was Abomination, the vengeful Whiplash, the cunning Loki, the Hydra herald in Red Skull, the back-stabbing Ronan, the deranged robot in Ultron, the Asgardian reject in Hela and even the Killmonger himself; all of whom were proper adversaries but they pale in comparison to Thanos, there is no disputing that. Another parting shot I can give you without giving up too much is the fact that you might want to reconsider your predictions on the location of the Soul Stone if you haven’t seen the movie already; that’s all I can say.



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    1. I would agree.👍. Thanos, Apocalypse and Darkseid have immense abilities.. in a death battle between the three, I think Apocalypse would die first…then when it comes to Darkseid and Thanos (without infinity stones by the way) , I feel Darkseid has a slight edge over him and hence would win. I might be wrong as well.☺

      Cool. I’ll check out your list👍😎

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      1. Wow, I actually never heard of Darkseid lol and just checked him out. Has he been featured in any DC films?

        Also, thank you 🙂

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  1. A truly wonderful review! As a marvel fan boy myself, I share quite the same sentiment with you and truly enjoy this masterpiece of a film. It was the result of years of character build up and storyline franchises and ultimately did live up to the hype, in my opinion. That being said, I do agree with your comments regarding the lack of screen time of certain characters but I do wish to disagree on one of the characters you pointed out: The Hulk. While his screen time was not as much as the likes of Iron Man or Dr. Strange, I find that it was intentional given his probable fear of Thanos, particularly due to what happened in the first scene, which I will not mention to avoid spoilers as well.

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    1. Great commentary Michael. Yeah, you might be right about the Hulk thing… I don’t dispute that. Nonetheless I think, without giving spoilers, that the Hulk could have contributed more to the conflict in spite of the fact that he dreads the Mad Titan.

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  2. Oh my God! I just saw Avengers: Infinity War last Saturday and it left my mouth hanging open! Words aren’t enough to describe how awesome it was! Action + some comedy + a little bit of tears in the end! Can’t wait for the next films! Nice review! ☺

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      1. Walking out of the theatre thinking you’ll go on a spoiler spree but you’d rather keep it to yourself just to avoid the whole topic. And can I say 2019 is eons away right now?

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      1. Well, I think by now people who really wanted to see the movie have already seen it so, it’s no biggie.👍😎
        I have reason to believe that people who haven’t seen the movie yet as of now have embraced the risk of potentially getting spoilers any day, anytime. People are discussing about movie everywhere… it’s a sensation, and the Box Office numbers is a testament of it ☺

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      2. Yeah, the “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good” moment was completely off script. Credit to Tom Holland as well; exceptional young actor.
        I understand why you don’t hate Thanos as much… as I mentioned in my review, he has a method to his madness.

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    1. Hehe😃…. I am the only one in my family who has seen it… they don’t really give a damn about the MCU so no sweat on me😃
      All the same… I get where your brother is coming from. It’s a great movie that you should see in theatres because by the time it comes out in blu-ray… you’ll have known the whole plot already. Spoilers will be flying around everywhere by then☺

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  3. Great review! I totally agree with you. I loved Infinity War. It was everything I expected the movie to be (and more). Can’ t wait to see how Avengers 4 shapes up to be.

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  4. Not ashamed to say I read this review half-afraid of spoilers. And none to be found! I agree with you (the Russo brothers have done some great stuff), but I was still a little worried about how they’d handle such a huge cast. It sounds like each hero has somehow managed to get a few good hits in there? This was a really good review – gives all the highlights and the strengths of the film, and hypes readers up for it, without giving anything away. Thanks for writing this!

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  5. We saw it today. Wow. So not to give any spoilers but I am not sure Thanos is the if true embodiment of evil. He was a complex character and after the film I called my brother (the Avengers movie buff/nut) to discuss him in depth. Definitely a very impressive movie and definitely worth not getting any spoilers before you see it – glad I did not wait too long to see it.

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    1. I get your angle Tierney, and yes there are some moments in the movie where Thanos was humanized. All the same, without giving spoilers, however much he justifies his killing spree with the “Salvation of the Universe” excuse… it still doesn’t change the fact that he kills for sport. I am quite sure that you’d have an opposite take on the Mad Titan himself if the events of first scene of the movie were shown in their entirety and not when most of the damage had already been done. 😎

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      1. I liked the Harry Potter films and Narnia Chronicles. I also like Pirates of the Caribbean and Star Wars episodes, Despicable Me and Shrek are among my all time favourites

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      2. I can understand that only too well. I was hooked on Lord of the Rings and then the HOBBIT. Then I moved on to Game of Thrones LOL! I will be in mourning officially when I have watched the finale.

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  6. For the first time Marvel has produced an antagonist who has a reason of doing whatever he is doing. No story can be complete without a good bad thing to fight. So yes, it was probably a good entertaining film although there was not much of a big story to tell. And also I really like the way you review movies, a passionate way. Cheers.

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    1. I agree, the movie was action packed all through… no time for much story.
      Thanks very much as well😎. I try my best. It’s always satisfactory when readers appreciate your work… God bless👍

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