A Quiet Place is a 2018 American horror flick directed by John Krasinski; best known for movies such as ‘License to Wed’ and “13 Hours; the Secret Soldiers of Benghazi and who also happens to be playing a lead role alongside her real wife, Emily Blunt. It centers on the Abbott family, survivors of a brutal onslaught on humanity who have no choice but to live a life of silence in order to prevent an anonymous species of creatures who hunt with the aid of apex hearing abilities from murdering them.


In all honesty, I was a bit confused by the considerable hush at the beginning of the movie and I am quite sure that anyone who has already watched this film can second my thoughts; it reached a point where I tried reaching out for the remote to amp up the volume. Don’t get me wrong though, I knew what this film was about coming into it and what I expected was a back story of sorts to explain how and why things are as they are in this desolate world but fortunately I didn’t get that. It’s a good thing in my view because I like it when some movies go out of the norm to present something different that you had not anticipated and I credit that solely to John Krasinski who had a huge part to play both on screen and off it.


Bearing in mind the fact that this film has a very small cast, the actors here had a great load to bear reason being the intervals of screen-time alternation are quite minimal. The latter situation could possibly be a “double trouble” element since half of the cast are children who are not as experienced in the acting game, case in point Regan Abbott (Millicent Simmonds) and Marcus Abbott (Noah Jupe) but all the same, I believe everyone’s performance in this film was exceptional.

There’s not much talking, more of sign language and low-pitched whispering and that, I feel, was an aspect of the movie that drew me even closer to the happenings of the screenplay; the lack of dialogue inadvertently has a way of enhancing your clarity and attention as the film progresses. Without question, the Abbott family’s endeavours and sheer struggles will elicit a lot of sympathy from you; they live a life bereft of certain necessities we humans can barely live without like pleasure or freedom of expression and John Krasinski in conjunction with Emily Blunt as Lee and Evelyn Abbott do a fantastic job at selling that riveting and eerie tone.


That said, this motion-picture is not devoid of flaws; none ever is. The ones I am about to mention are considerably negligible; aspects I could slip under the rug but I won’t and thus if you might disagree with them, you might as well air your grievances in the comment section at the end of my review.


There is a short scene in the 2nd Act where Emily Blunt’s character is teaching her son math in spite of the fact that the world is no longer as it used to be with vicious creatures running around; one might argue that it is a way of passing time and easing the tension but to me, it made no sense. Secondly, these creatures are apparently not drawn to the noises made by a waterfall, which by the way is quite loud if you haven’t been to one but are instead drawn to the noises that the members of the family make. This film doesn’t explain that particular facet but all in all, who cares?

To finish off, I’d say this is a photoplay that anyone and everyone should watch irrespective of whether or not you watch horror films. I, for one, am not particularly a super-fan of this genre; I watched Eight Legged Freaks as an 8-year-old kid and long story short, my life has never been the same again and therefore, all things considered, watching A Quiet Place should be on your bucket list. The production design is great; very apparent in the opening scene, the score is fantastic, and the acting, as I mentioned, is one for the books.




  1. Great review, for the waterfall I see it as a noise the monsters have probably learned by now, and they know they can’t hunt for anything around it. So at this point it doesn’t draw their attention.

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    1. Ok, I’ll give you that. But how about the chirping of birds or the stridulating of crickets? Well, there is an animal that is killed in the film but at the same time you tend to wonder whether these vicious creatures have the power and most importantly, the time to hunt everything that makes noise with a pitch high enough for them to pick up. Thats my take on it though… I might be wrong😎

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      1. True, we only see a small sample size. Other then the three that are known to be in the area, there’s no real indication of how many there actually are. I’m sure given the time they could’ve destroyed everything.

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  2. It sounds like an incredibly well-produced and acted film. I can really appreciate that! And you are an excellent writer/reviewer!

    Unfortunately, I don’t do suspense or horror…ever. In fact, movie viewing is a bit problematic for me in general. I am deathly allergic to popcorn, and so I don’t ever go to the theater. Anything I watch, I must watch from home via movie channels. And that I do sparingly since I become so immersed in story-lines that I “relive” the films in my imagination for days on end. Sigh.

    So, only very “boring” stuff for me. Sigh. I do best with BBC classics. Generally no suspense or horror there. Thanks for the heads up on this one. You have a great blog! I’m so glad you led me here. 🙂

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  3. I am hoping to get to see this film this week, as it has finally arrived in the rural outpost of eastern England where I live.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.


  4. Thanks for the follow!

    This is a great review, I enjoyed watching it too. It is definitely a horror film that the masses can watch- Krasinski directed and acted brilliantly.


  5. First let me just say that your blog is excellent. You actually convinced me to watch a Quiet Place and I have read other review but none excited me as much as yours. I love the depth you put in your post. Thank you for sharing and I’m happily following you back!


  6. I like your interpretation but the flaws to me were may. One being, why did she keep pulling on the stuck laundry bag when it would make a ripping sound? Two, if the creature blew out the silo side, why couldn’t it get into the truck? Why was the nail left dangerously? But it was okay. I think it could have been a lot better and scarier.


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      1. A pleasure

        “’early bird’ (very) sleep-walking through life” craig

        * thanks m and “first thing” am is my best time (by far) when I get most things done


        Best wishes from the First City to see the light

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