A Wrinkle in Time is a 2018 American adventure fantasy film based on a novel that came out in the early sixties which bears the same name and is directed by Ava DuVernay. It centres on two siblings in Meg (Storm Reid) and Charles-Wallace (Deric McCabe) who go on an epic and mystical adventure under the stewardship of 3 unconventional beings to space with the aim of searching and eventually finding their long-lost father who disappeared mysteriously years earlier.


As far as the acting is concerned, with the exception of the two child actors in Deric McCabe and Storm Reid, most of the performances here are considerably bland and uninspiring; something I honestly did not expect given the roster of seasoned actors that includes among others Reese Witherspoon, Zach Galifianakis and to some extent Michael Pena. Chris Pine who plays Mr. Murry here is an exception though, his character had more depth to him but unfortunately, he does not get as much screen time as I hoped he would.

I can confidently affirm to you that this is an average Disney movie; it doesn’t present itself any different in comparison to other movies that are affiliated with the company. Expect imaginary creatures, expect imaginary events, expect a lot of music to go along with the imaginary events and expect the use of words that don’t exist in the dictionary. However, the latter is not apparent from the onset because, in the 1st Act, there is a subplot that is not riddled with abnormal Disney stuff for lack of better words and is definitely worth investing in from an emotional standpoint. We see the two siblings Meg (Storm Reid) and Charles Wallace (Deric McCabe) live a life of utter despair after their father’s disappearance so much so it will surely elicit some substantial amount of sympathy from you given what they are going through.


Frankly, I particularly get the Disney cinematic hysteria that people all over the globe repeatedly invest in time and time again; the source material for the films are good and that is the ultimate base of judgment that the latter will use to decide on whether or not to see them. Take Beauty and the Beast for example; it is an incredible tale of love that started out in print, then in 2D animation with that astounding 1991 film and now the 2017 live-action adaptation that now stands at number 12 in the highest grossing movies of all-time list. That said, A Wrinkle In Time has so far proved to be the black sheep of the Disney family based on the diabolical 104 million that it has grossed in the Box Office and the reasons why are very apparent.


First off, the plot from the beginning of the 2nd Act up to the halfway point of the 3rd is lethargic and unappealing; it is plagued with lazy dialogue, a substantial amount of awful visual effects case in point the creature that looks like an amalgamation of a cat, a bird, and a large spinach leaf. Secondly, I don’t think Disney should have gone out of their way to make a film based on a book that is bereft of that juvenile appeal which movies based on characters like Cinderella, Snow White or Rapunzel have; it was a shot in the dark for the company and the fact that it didn’t step up to the plate and perform just as well as their previous projects is a bitter pill they have to swallow but learn from.

In summary, I’d say A Wrinkle In Time is quite disappointing and a lot of the blame has to go to the individuals at the helm of the Disney company who greenlit this motion-picture. Nevertheless, this film doesn’t fall in the D or E grade category simply because it had a riveting 1st Act and an emotional ending in the 3rd act. Ava DuVernay, the director of this film, has apparently been handpicked to direct a “New Gods” movie over at Warner Bros.; best of luck to her but as far this Disney photoplay is concerned, I’d say she took on the wrong project but with the right company.




      1. Well, you could be right. Nonetheless, you don’t justify why it’s great as a young adult movie. Secondly there’s always two aides to every coin… and you haven’t mentioned the fact that this Ava DuVernay film has some obvious flaws; maybe you looked past them.
        So, in the grand scheme of things, I’m pretty sure my grade is fair😁
        I’d like to know which grade you would have given it yourself if you don’t mind👍

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