Fifty Shades Freed is a 2018 American romantic drama motion-picture directed by James Foley and is the third and final film based on the E. L James series of books.  It more less focuses on Anastasia Steele (Dakota Johnson) and Christian Grey (Jamie Dornan), their erotic ways and their lives as newlyweds. The now Mrs. Grey is struggling to adapt to being Christian’s wife and the responsibilities that come with it as well as deal with a dark past in Jack (Eric Johnson), who is hell-bent on ending the union.


I for a fact disliked this movie. In fact, I dislike the whole franchise. The first couple of minutes of this crap movie is just a music endorsement; they had the nerve to play the whole song and that bugged me a lot. Do not be fooled to think that all these movies narrate a love story; it’s all just a soft-core rated-r film franchise with a lousy plot that makes zero sense. Basically, if you haven’t watched the previous two movies, I’ll do the honours of giving you a brief rundown of what goes in the on-screen adaptations of the fifty shades book series. It’s all about a woman, who falls in love with a billionaire who treats her like garbage; forces her to do as he wishes and she somehow accepts it. It’s safe to say that this movie goes against the ideals that women today all around the world hold in relation to the Hollywood groping scandals coming out every now and then.

I’m even surprised this movie as well as the other two even made a substantial gross profit. Apparently, Fifty Shades Freed alone has made 14 million in the Box Office so far; how shocking. This is relatively a straight out carbon copy of the other Fifty Shades films in terms of what goes on around the lives of the two main characters played by Jamie and Dakota.


You might as well envision a chef trying to make an enticing meal; The first time, it turns out really bad and so he tries it again, later on, adding a few spices and still it’s not good. He does it a final time, adding every single spice he’s got and still it’s just as bad. You can read into that however you want but all the same, whatever E. L James; the author of the book series as well as Sam Taylor-Johnson and James Foley set out to achieve is seriously not working out for most critics like me.


Nonetheless, I can understand people who are inclined to like the Fifty Shades storyline; if you don’t look at it from a critical point of view like I do, and you are a telenovela fanatic, you’ll love this movie. My only positive with the latter is that the cinematography is quite good; different appropriate locations are featured and the shot angles are executed well; that’s it. 


Eric Johnson reprises his role as the sociopathic Jack Hyde and basically, I couldn’t care less about his character; he’s villainous persona is not enticing, period. Rita Ora is also in this movie; I honestly thought her role was to give a musical performance at some point but shock on me, the British songstress has an integral role to play and is involved in a small arch which is in many ways boring, I guess.

Summarily, I feel sorry for anyone who paid actual money to go see not only Fifty Shades Freed but the preceding films as well; I share your pain. This franchise is the worst live adaptation of a book series since Twilight; bereft of meaning and purpose.




  1. I skipped this one both in screen and in print. I might try to read or watch Twilight one day, but there are much better books (and movies). Good review.


    1. I know right?👍
      But all in all… we have to admit, these kinds of movies have their demographic… and that’s why they made not 1…not 2…but all 3 of them. Otherwise…the films would not have been greenlit.

      Liked by 1 person

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