The Commuter is a 2018 action drama film starring Liam Neeson and directed by Jaume Collet-Serra; a distinguished film-maker who has worked with the latter in previous films like Unknown, Non-Stop and Run All Night. It centers on Michael McCauley (Liam Neeson), a retired cop turned insurance officer who commutes to and from his workplace on a regular basis. One fateful day, in one of his commutes, he is augmented into a murder conspiracy without his consent by Joanna (Vera Farmiga), an unknown woman who hands him a task that he must complete successfully and upon completion he is to acquire a reward. Sooner rather than later, Michael brews up trouble during the execution of his task that eventually puts everyone on the train at risk.


This film is nothing short of spectacular and it promises a lot of intrigue and excitement. Just like the Taken series, Liam Neeson’s character here seems to have a knack for having innocent bystanders get in the crossfire between him and his dealings. The most unfortunate thing happens to him at his workplace and to add salt to injury, he meets a psychopathic female on his usual ride home who digs him deeper in the terrible abyss he already was in. For a movie which has most of its runtime on a train, it’s safe to say that it was shot exceptionally; the angles used in each and every single frame are appropriate and cater to the viewers very well, especially the scenes involving action sequences hence a thumbs up to the Director and production crew on that.


Nonetheless, this movie lost me in a few of aspects. First off, the casting choices, with the exception of Liam Neeson seem quite bland; they had nothing much to do except being passengers and engage in short dialogue with Michael McCauley. Then there is the clichéd narrative of a movie character receiving a call after doing something or while doing something, and the person on the other end of the line gives a vivid account of everything he has done or is doing if you know what I mean. I have seen it in many movies before and the idea of it doesn’t make any sense especially if the movie, like this one, is not of the Sci-Fi genre and the persons in question are clearly not in the same geographical area.


Roque Banos’s score is great; it captures a fair few scenes, particularly the heartfelt ones exactly the way they ought to be. The latter is a distinguished music composer famed for numerous awards during his illustrious career and he, by a mile, shows why he is that good judging by the scene-befitting music used in this motion picture.

In summary, I’d say The Commuter is definitely worth your time, notably if you are a fan of Liam Neeson and Jaume Collet-Serra like me; the success of their previous collaborations was one of the reasons I knew this film would not disappoint beforehand. It’s fascinating and easily enjoyable irrespective of the film genre you regularly prefer watching.



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