This is a film of the action-horror genre set in a world plagued by vicious zombies who feed on any humans they run into. The latter, directed by Hector Hernandez Vicens, centers on Zoe (Sophie Skelton), a medical practitioner cum biologist who experiences a terrifying ordeal at her workplace whereby all her colleagues, one by one, turn each other into the lifeless creatures as a result of a deadly virus breakout. With the issue reaching astronomical proportions everywhere, the doctor is now forced to exile herself in a faraway bunker where many of the survivors of the holocaust safely hide from the impending danger that lies outside their confines. Soon enough, trouble in paradise erupts after Zoe’s past unexpectedly comes to haunt her along with all the other civilians hence putting their much-guarded safety at risk.
From the get-go, this movie doesn’t shy away from showing you what it’s about; the opening scene is nothing short of spectacular and you could see Hector Hernández’s vision of this chaotic world. Apparently, he has only directed two movies in the past but this film is so well done that you might be fooled to think that he is a seasoned Hollywood movie director. Despite the fact that the source material is actually from the late legend George Andrew Romero, Hector made this movie his own and thus I look forward to future projects from him. The casting choices were perfect, especially Jeff Gum as Lieutenant Miguel Salazar; his character is gritty and broken and you could see his point of view when it came to calling the shots in the bunker. Max (Johnathon Schaech) is also an honourable mention; his role in this movie starts out in a slow pace but as the movie picks up momentum, his life changes for the worst and he transforms into a whole new character who has a certain goal to execute and he does this to perfection. Sophie Skelton’s impersonation of Zoe is the ultimate staple of most leading characters in horror films in that she is very naïve and acts in ways that jeopardize the safety of not only her protectors but also her protectees and I loved it; it might be a bit clichéd but it has worked perfectly in many films of this genus.
This motion picture, nonetheless, is not without flaws. In spite of the fact that I don’t look forward to any jump scares simply because none of them really strike a chord with me, there weren’t enough of them here to considerably challenge my streak aside from one instance in the 1st act involving Zoe and her friend during a certain social gathering. Additionally, the film bears a striking resemblance to 2013’s World War Z in relation to the plot and that turned me off, but just a little bit; not enough to make me bail on it.
Summarily, I loved Day of the Dead; Bloodline, a majority of the scenes were riveting, the sheer gore that lies in the wake of the undead is enough to excite any fanatic of this film genre.



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